Hello and welcome to my photography website. I am Malcolm Cross and was born and raised in England and now live in the UK and Japan.  Over the last five years I have embarked on a new journey as a photographic artist.
This is where I share my  images inspired by  the landscapes I explore at home and abroad.  I aim to initially create expressive photographs  that reflect what I felt at the time  or   felt subsequently as I developed them in my digital studio. They are not intended to be documentary  records of my visits but  emotional records or imaginings evoked by what I saw and captured with my camera.
  In fact the creation of these images  is but a key stage in my artistic practice.  A stage that leads me to create very colourful  landscape inspired  "photographs"  that perhaps would not be recognised as photographs  but nevertheless are artworks dependent upon the digital image created by me in the  landscape with my  art tools of choice, a digital camera and digital studio.  These artworks can be viewed at     https://www.malcolmcrossarts.com  and the portfolio there marks an important milestone in my  artistic career to date.
Thank you for visiting this website and if you would like to get in touch please click on the contact button in the navigation bar and/or if you have time drop by malcolmcrossarts.com. 
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